Parking information at SEVILLE AIRPORT

Seville Airport, has a good service of parking, ensuring the best service for your needs at the most competitive price. Due the medium size of the san pablo airport, the parking is quite near the terminal, with total security for you vehicle.

There are four solutions at the airport:

Car Park Express at Seville Airport

General Car Park P1

This is the most convenient car park at Seville Airport for those stays of less than 4 days, the arrivals and departures halls are near, and you can arrive there in 2 minutes.

Car park Express P1

The Express car park is designed for dropping off or picking up passengers and has direct access to the arrivals and departures halls in one minute. Only 1€ for half hour.

VIP car park

For those people needing exclusive services such as vechicle collection, storage and delivery at affordable prices. This is the quickest and most convenient way to park at the airport, with spaces reserved at Departures.
Check prices and book.

Long Stay Car Park P2

The long stay parking is three minutes walk from the terminal, with the best prices. Ideal choice for long holidays. The long-stay car park at Seville Airport is covered and with surveillance.
Check prices and book.