Terminal Seville Airport

Seville airport has one Main terminal. The terminal is a two-storey building (Level 0 and Level 1). The airport has one runway.


The architecture of the airport is really special and represents the sevillian culture through its spaces: The Mosque, the Palace and the Orange Trees.


Seville airport operates with domestic and international flights, with flights Schengen and non-Schengen as well.


The Terminal building has two Levels:

- Level 0: Arrivals. It has banking services, baggage claim area, customs, car rental desks and passports and immigration. There is also one café, various information points (Aena and Junta de Andalucía), Medical assistance, lost and found, police, access to the ground transportation.


- Level 1: Departures. It has the check-in counters (42 in total), the passport control and the boarding gates. The airport has the following gates: from K1 to K4, 1, 1A, from 2 to 11. In this level it’s located the VIP Lounge “Sala Azahar”. There are various shops, cafés and bars as.